Boiler Components in India

Boiler Components

Boiler Components in India



A boiler is an independent combustion system that is meant to heat water. The steam/hot water thus generated is later utilized in heating systems. At present, there are diverse ranges of energy-efficient boiler components in India. This guide helps you to get familiar with various types of boiler components in India

Even though its designs differ, it features four crucial parts namely the combustion chamber, burner, heat exchanger and plumbing apparatus. 


One of the popular boiler components in India manufactured by TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd is burners. It instigates the combustion reaction inside the boiler. Whenever the system demands heat to be produced, thermostats would instantly transmit messages to the burner in electronic format.

Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is yet another sought after boiler component in India. The combustion chamber initiates the burning of fuel. The temperatures may soar up to one hundred degrees within a short period.

Heat Exchanger

TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd has gained expertise in the production of Heat Exchanger. It is responsible for heating the water present inside the boiler’s tank. Filtration of water is executed via a sequence of flue passages on all sides of a combustion chamber.


Aquastats are vital components that measure the current temperature of water present inside the boiler. It informs the burner when to commence and pause. This is yet another popular boiler component in India manufactured by prominent companies like TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd

Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is a tiny component that safeguards the system from extreme pressure.

Backflow Valve

The backflow valve is a secured device that would enable a seamless flow of water in a single direction.

Circulator Pump

A Circular Pump takes advantage of hot water to heat while propelling the water via the system simultaneously. This is useful in circulating hot water through several outlets.

Supply Lines

It is a type of pipe that transfers the steam/boiled water to designated distribution channels.

Return Lines

These lines are meant for re-heating the water inside the boiler amidst the condensation of water.

Apart from heating, boilers Systems are utilized in a diverse range of applications such as high-powered locomotives, power plants, and external combustion engines. You have to pay close attention by carrying out annual maintenance and cleaning of boiler systems. This is essential to enhance the longevity of components. The process involves flushing out excess dust present within the combustion chamber.

If you are searching for top-quality boiler components in India, then it is advisable to approach TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd based in Mumbai. They are specialized in the manufacture of highly durable boiler components


Only a licensed and trained professional should perform the installation and maintenance of boiler systems. Owing to its extreme heat energy, there are times during which the boiler system might appear to be dangerous if not properly installed. The internal team of TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd assists you regarding the maintenance and installation of boiler components.