Water Wall Panels

Water wall panels

Water Wall Panels

Premium grade Water Wall Panels are manufactured now at the best price


TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd is one of the top manufacturers of water wall panels, tubes, and extreme temperature steam boiler pressure components. The internal team of TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of fabrication of tubes, and pipes including rifle-bore tubes that are made out of steel including carbon steels and alloy steels.

What are the features of a Water wall panel?

  • Water wall panel is a membrane wall that is primarily used in contemporary boilers to minimize loss of heat and cut down the insulation expenses.
  • Water wall panels are fabricated with the help of an automated fin to tube welding to the desired pitch and shape.
  • It is sometimes referred to as the evaporator section due to the presence of water content. Water wall panels are available in varying sizes like 50.8 mm OD, 63.5 mm OD, 76.2 mm OD etc.

What are the major challenges involved?

TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd is a reliable firm that successfully overcomes several challenges associated with the Water wall panels. The water wall tubes create a lining inside the entire boiler and it is subjected to a temperature gradient from 300-degree centigrade to 500-degree centigrade starting from the bottom end to the top corner of the boiler.

To speed up the fittings, the panels placed within the boiler should be designed out of steel which does not require any sort of post-weld heat treatment.


What is meant by the term ‘Water tube boiler’?

The water tube boiler is a kind of boiler wherein water flows through the tubes and is heated under extreme temperature. The fuels are burned inside the furnace and outside the tubes that would create a hot gas. 

Some of the advantages of water wall panels are as follows:


Water wall panels are impervious to air leakage as they can minimize losses within the combustion chamber. To obtain a comprehensive cooling of the combustion chamber along with the boiler accessories membrane, this panel would restrict coking amidst supplemental firing.

The warming of the combustion chamber is quick and the cooling process is extremely fast. This might reduce the heating and cooling time of the boiler’s commencement process and shut down procedures of the furnace.



TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd is a prominent boiler component manufacturing industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vadodara Gujarat. They have gained years of experience in the production of top quality water wall panels and accessories. Ever since its inception in the year 2009, the company has been actively involved in the manufacture and supply of industrial boilers parts and materials at a competitive rate. The internal team of TPP Boilers Pvt. Ltd has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of tube bending and welding, fabrication of plates, sections, tubes, and pipes. To get more detail about the product, visit the official website of the TPP boilers