Boiler Pressure Parts


Boiler Pressure Parts

A Brief Study About Boiler pressure part

A boiler is categorized as a vessel of fired pressure and pressured parts are referred to as the parts of the boiler that are exposed to the high interior pressure of water or steam. Some of the boiler pressure parts are headers, drums, tubes, and various others. The important aspect of the design of a boiler is to select the material for the pressure parts of a boiler and to select the construction and mechanical design of the boiler.

They are examined occasionally by the authorities of statutory for their safe working and set their own provisions and guidelines that rule the operation and design of the boilers. It is very important to know how a boiler loses pressure and how to re-pressurise it when you want to maintain your old boiler or want to install a new boiler.

The steam and feed water move from different parts. At that place, the pressure is much higher as compared to atmospheric pressure. These different parts are generally called boiler pressure parts. With the help of these pressure parts, heat is added to the water.

Pressure parts of boiler:

There are various boiler pressure parts. Some of them are given below:

  • Superheaters: This type of boiler pressure part is used to increase the temperature of the saturated steam by absorbing the heat with the help of flue gases above the saturated temperature.
  • Air preheater: This type of boiler pressure part is used to transfer the heat from the gases to the air directly via tube type heat exchanger. The basic use of these heaters is to heat the air before entering the furnace. 
  • Economizer: This type of boiler pressure part is used to increase the temperature of the water that is feeding and entering into the boiler with the help of heat content present in the gases.
  • Re-heaters: In this type of boiler pressure part the re-heating of the steam is done due to which the efficiency of the cycle is increased. With the help of these heaters, we are able to manage the dry steam in the cylinders.
  • Water walls: This type of boiler pressure part is the panel of the tube from which the water is circulated from the steam generator to the drum.

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