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Super Heater Tube Bundle

Industrial Applications of Super Heater Tube Bundle

A Superheater is an electrical appliance that is designed to convert the wet stream into the dry stream or saturated steam into superheated steam. In general, it is used in steam turbines for the purpose of developing electricity.

Three Types of super heaters are used in the industry:

  • Radiant superheater: This type of superheater is located directly in the zone of radiant of the combustion chamber near the wall of water.
  • Convection superheater: This type of superheater is placed in the zone of convection of the furnace.
  • Separately fired superheater: This type of superheater has its own separate combustion system and is located outside the main boiler.

Inside the superheaters, the tube is used which is known as a superheaters tube. The super heater tube bundle is a bunch of numerous tubes in a comprehensive range of stainless steel and nickel alloys. They are the tubes that are used for the process of heat transfer in the boiler.

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