Seamless Alloy steel tube

Seamless Alloy Steel Tube

Seamless Alloy steel tube



Seamless Alloy Steel Tube and pipes are used and suitable for the applications of chemical, petrochemical, and various other applications related to energy. These pipes and tubes have a characteristic of high corrosion resistance and they are used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

A Brief About Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is described as a special type of steel that is alloyed in the presence of the different variety of elements that are between 1% and 50% in total amounts in weight so that it can improvise its mechanical properties. There are some characteristics of seamless alloy steel tube that are also detailed in some technical standards.

Alloy steel tubes deliver exceptional performance to meet customers’ requirements. The alloy steel tube is used in various industries such as alloy steel ASTM A213 tubes are utilized in heating, ASTM A213 T5 is the seamless tubing that is utilized in water supply systems, Alloy steel T22 Tubes are used in the food processing industry, Alloy steel T91 tubes are used in structural pipes.

Types of Steel Alloy Tubes

There are many types of alloy steel tube such as ASTM A213 T11 Seamless  Alloy Steel tube, which are the tubes that are intended for the conveyance of low pressure of water, steam, natural gas, and many other liquids and various gases that are used in plumbing, heating systems, air conditioning units, automatic sprinkler systems, and many other related uses. Alloy steel T11 Seamless EN 10216-2 Tubes comes in different sizes, grades, specifications, and thickness. It can be customized according to customer requirements. These tubes are available in various dissimilar shapes.

There are various types of seamless steel tube that are used for building, mechanical, and general use such as steel tubes for building the hollow structural sections, tubes for mechanical and general engineering, tubes for machining, tubes for machine parts and general use, precision tubes and HPL tubes that are seamless and welded.

There are various seamless steel tubes for the pressure equipment such as tubes that are having specified room temperature properties, tubes with specified elevated temperature properties, alloy fine grain steel tubes for the pressure equipment, tubes with specified low-temperature properties, tubes for heat exchangers, and tubes with internal riffling.

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