Create unique shapes by leveraging Reheater Coils

Reheater Coils

Create unique shapes by leveraging Reheater Coils

“Reheat” is the process of heating the cooled air again and again. The reheat concept is used by companies to design Reheater coils for boilers and improve their thermal efficiency. It works by putting the heat back into the air stream rather than throwing it outside from the device. Even though Reheater is quite similar to that of super-heaters, its exit temperature is comparatively lower than that of superheaters. They do have the ability to withstand low-quality material alloys. Moving on, the Reheater Coils can be molded in a diverse range of shapes and sizes based on applications. They are configured in the form of tiny diameters.

Features of a Reheater Coil

  • “Reheater coils” is one of the crucial boiler components in the contemporary thermal power plant
  • It can cope under extreme temperatures.
  • Reheater coil ensures a boost in the economy by narrowing down the emission of steam from the steam turbine.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Enhanced durability
  • Smooth installation process

Advantages of Reheater Coils

  • Reheater Coil is one of the vital accessories that use the latest technology so that each unit works efficiently.
  • Enhances the fuel and airflow
  • Reheater coils do have the ability to maximize the flow rate of the steam.

Uses of Reheater Coils

  • Reheater Coils is primarily used to increase the temperature of steam discharged from HP turbines.
  • Reheater is broadly classified into two categories i.e. front pendant and rear pendant segments. In the front pendant, approximately 59 tubes are placed whereas around 89 tubes are placed in the latter.

Ways to improve the efficiency of a Rankine cycle

  • It could be improved by enhancing the pressure and temperature of steam accessing the turbine. An increase in steam pressure would amplify the expansion ratio while the steam gets evaporated during the final stages of expansion. This might trigger erosion in the turbine blades thereby leading to huge losses. It would pose a detrimental effect on the efficiency of blades. It is one of the major issues that can be rectified by reheating the steam at constant pressure with the help of flue gases
  • In contemporary thermal power plants, workers leverage high-pressure boilers. Frequent power outages force Power plants to halt their operations. One of the major factors behind shutting down the thermal power stations is the Damaged Reheater tube. It happens because poor quality boiler materials are implemented in Reheater due to which it will not be able to withstand extreme temperatures. Apart from the drastic reduction in temperature, the damaged tubes are not resistant to erosion and corrosion amidst operation as well. So, it is advisable to use only premium grade and quality-tested materials to manufacture the reheater coil