Economizer tubes

Economizer tubes



Economizer tubes are devices that are designed to enhance the thermal efficiency of a boiler and narrow down the consumption of energy. The process is carried out by recycling energy generated within the boiler. It is one of the sought after tubular heat transfer surfaces by data centres as a substitute for cooling devices such as PC room air conditioners. Data Center Economizer comprises a cluster of filters that are more likely to hamper hardware applications. 

The filters placed within ductwork are interconnected to the external environment through the data centre. Outside temperature is being frequently monitored and recorded to balance the level of humidity. Economizer tubes are broadly classified into two namely:

  • Air-Side Economizer
  • Water-Side Economizer

The purpose behind using an Air-Side Economizer is to draw cool air present outside and block overheating inside the data centre. On the other hand, Water Side Economizer leverages cold air to lower the temperature of the water tower. The cold water contained in the tower is utilized in air conditioners rather than relying on mechanically chilled water. This type of device functions at night to make use of cool ambient temperature. 

A major highlight concerning economizers is that they could reduce operating costs substantially. According to studies, they can bring down the annual expense of a data centre’s energy i.e. about 60%. At TPP Boilers Pvt.Ltd, the customers do have the option to place orders for top quality economizer tubes at a competitive rate. They are specialized in the distribution of economizer tubes in India.

Some of the advantages of Economizer Tubes are as follows:

  • It can retrieve the excess amount of heat present in flue gases to that of a standard air pre-heater.
  • Owing to the hike in prices of fuel, the majority of the power plants are struggling to maximize the efficiency of the boiler. This issue can be rectified with the help of an economizer.
  • Economizers are designed to lower the demand for huge gallons of water in cooling the flue gas before the desulphurization process.

Economizers are utilized in the below-mentioned applications. Some of them are listed below:

  • It traps the excess waste heat present in flue gases and is transferred to a designated feed water tower.
  • Air-Side Economizers are meant to save a considerable amount of energy through leveraging external cool temperatures. This helps bring down the internal temperature.
  • Refrigeration is utilized in industrial refrigeration wherein there is an optimal demand for vapour compression refrigeration. 

Condensing Economizers are primarily utilized at thermal power plants due to their remarkable ability to enhance waste heat recovery. The flue gas is cooled at a temperature not exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you desire to procure durable and top quality economizer tubes, then it is better to approach TPP Boilers Pvt.Ltd based in Mumbai. These mechanical devices are best suited to transfer heat amidst the corrosion/non-corrosion environment. Moreover, only minimum maintenance is required to function properly.