Ensure efficient operation of boiler using boiler bank tubes

Boiler Bank Tubes

Ensure efficient operation of boiler using boiler bank tubes

Boiler Banks Tube is molded to form a tube under low pressure and small boilers. This specific boiler is utilized in heat recovery steam generator boilers. It is a steam-generated tube wherein condensation of water occurs and evaporates the steam.

Boiler Bank tubes often hold a combination of water and steam and they are fabricated in designated sizes, shapes. The bending of tubes requires the assistance of a professional to eliminate wrinkles, external surface damage and thereby ensuring enhanced durability. This would be helpful in the seamless operation of a boiler.

In most cases, furnaces are designed in such a way to apprehend adequate heat present in flue gases while the steam gets evaporated. A Boiler Bank Tube is responsible for transferring heat in flue gases and evaporates the combination of water-steam.

Working of a boiler bank Tube:

Boiler Banks are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures to that of a standard pressure cooker. It is designed out of a thick steel plate by a welding process. A boiler bank Tubes should be created in such a way that it can survive under high-pressure conditions failing which might lead to damage.

The primary function of a boiler is to emit steam or generate hot water. For example, hot water boilers are meant to heat water for domestic purposes, whereas a steam boiler is often utilized to generate power and turbines. Whenever the steam comes across the blade present in a turbine, its force would rotate the blade while accelerating the turbine. Steam holds an exceptional volume of energy thereby ensuring an energy-efficient turbine.

We shall now discuss some of the various types of Boiler Bank tubes:

  • Fire-tube boilers: It features a furnace, smokestack, and a water tank acting as a boiler. Several tubes are placed within the water tank to transfer the heat present in the furnace. Smokestack discharge the gases and heat triggered by the heating effect. This would make sure that pressure does not exceed the designated level.

Therefore, the burning of fuel process takes place within the furnace and the tube carries the heat present in the furnace via water in the tank. As soon as it is heated, generated steam flows downstream.

Fire tube boilers are budget-friendly since it is quite simple to design. It does not involve complicated construction and is restricted to medium pressure applications.

  • Water-tube boilers: Its architecture shares similar features to that of a fire tube boiler, but a slight difference is concerning the heating process. In this case, the furnace would heat the water tubes installed in the furnace. Likewise, heating of fuel sources takes place inside the furnace thereby burning up the water tubes. Water-tube boilers are thermal efficient boilers.